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Platopus Retail v1.34 now available on the App Store

Trusted by hundreds of shops and restaurants across the UK, Platopus Retail takes your important files and data, combines them with useful retail business tools, and places them into a simple-to-use app and web portal which you can give to everyone in your business.

Platopus Retail provides simple yet powerful tools to help you distribute information, such as:

• Locations & Ops Areas
• People and Team Information
• Product Details
• Secure File Storage
• Daily Tasks
• Food Reviews
• Bookmarks & Web Links
• How-to Cards
• Training Documents & Videos
• Dashboards

We know that rolling out IT solutions to your business can be difficult. We have done our best to make Platopus Retail as simple to use and helpful as possible. It is easy to deploy and can run alongside your other solutions. Operators of more than one brand can enter sub-brands, with their own menus and products - keeping everything in one place, yet neatly separate.

We integrate with your email system and, where possible, with your HR system too. This means access is based on existing credentials for authentication and staff details are always kept up to date. This makes access and permissions easier to manage and significantly increases data security. 

What's New in Version 1.34

We continue to work hard to improve your experience with the Platopus Retail app. Here's what's new:

  • Support for Push Notifications, get notified of file, and product announcements.
  • Several minor bug and cosmetic fixes.