Platopus Retail offers an increasing number of integration methods including simple third party data feeds, a REST API, emailing in documents and desktop applications for simple import/export of data. 

Public Feeds API

Using the Public Feeds API allow your non-sensitive Location and Product data to be distributed to third parties straight from Platopus Retail. The feeds are secured with the use of a simple API key which you control.

Intended for use by website, app and social media developers, the feeds allow you to automatically populate your website with shops and products, power a customised app on the app stores, even drive a social media widget all directly from the data in Platopus Retail.

Imagine changing a shop opening time in Platopus Retail and having it updated on your website immediately!


The REST API allows major aspects of Platopus Retail to be securely automated. Update Products, Locations and People and even add your own parameters to our database to enable easy integration with your other applications. 

Intended for use by Developers, IT Teams and Integrators, the REST API allows you to fully integrate Platopus Retail into your business workflow. Using our custom parameters you can add your own fields to Platopus Retail to ease your integration.

Imagine having products from your internal systems automatically pushed into Platopus Retail or using Platopus Retail's location list to power your internal reporting system. 

E-Mail Integration

E-Mail Integration allows reports and documents to be sent to any folder in Platopus Retail where they can be filed automatically alongside a location, product or person, or even for viewing by everyone.

Intended for use by internal finance and reporting teams, and any customers who already e-mail information and reports out to location managers, area managers and head offices, E-Mail Integration allows you to build time-saving automation into your business with a minimum of IT knowledge and without having to change your existing IT infrastructure.

Imagine a location manager having access to all their reports directly within the Platopus Retail app instead of having to trawl through their inbox to find a particular document.