A Food Product Management System that’s

Simple but has seriously powerful features

Platopus Retail helps you manage your food products centrally while integrating into your whole business.


Distribute product details and recipes to all of your team. Your food team can group dishes into categories, within different menus or by brand according to taste - you choose!

Platopus Retail understands the pain of food launches and allows your food team to curate the perfect information set for a new menu and then release it to the restaurants in time for training and testing.

A built in food review system allows everyone to submit a review of any dish they have tried in a restaurant and collates pictures and scores into a useful dashboard.

Banish your printed recipe cards!

With the ability to attach how-to guides, recipe cards, preparation details, photos and videos to every product, Platopus Retail is at home in your kitchens.

Know with confidence that everyone is using the latest recipe!


Finally, an up-to-date list of all your locations available to everyone. View them in a list, by Ops area or region and even on a map to get a country-wide overview of your estate.

Quickly access information such as addresses, phone numbers and opening hours as well as viewing location specific files such as photos, floor plans, licensing documents and financial summaries.

Platopus Retail understands Ops groupings and can automatically give Ops a focussed overview of their area.

Who works where?

With Platopus Retail’s integration with popular retail HR systems, get an up-to-date list of who works at each location, what their role is and even how long they have worked there.

Know who everyone is at a Restaurant location before you walk in the door!


Securely store the electronic documents which are the lifeblood of your business.

PDFs, pictures, spreadsheets and presentations along with scanned paper documents can all be distributed through the app to the people who need them.

With the ability to create your own folder structure under each restaurant, each product and each member of staff, you can quickly tailor the perfect file structure for your business.

Not your average cloud drive!

Unlike other generic cloud file storage solutions, Platopus Retail keeps your documents organised as your business grows - like having the perfect curator working on your files all the time.

With HR integration, access to files can be granted by job role, removing the pain of inviting new users and the worry about who you previously shared folders with.


Share all the commonly used websites and resources which are the basis for the smooth running of your business.

Be it stock ordering, company webmail, training videos or your table booking system, you can be sure that all your team are using the most up-to-date web-links at all times.

Bookmarks can be grouped together for easy navigation and can be made role specific so that restaurant managers see some links and not others.

Ensure your devices are safe ...

Concerned about your restaurants using business iPads to access undesirable websites? Platopus Retail can help you lock down your devices.

Bookmarks open inside a browser within the Platopus Retail app allowing you to disable your standard browser. Adding a new website to the estate is as simple as creating a new bookmark.

Roll out your devices without worry!

Other Benefits 

Secure File Storage

Nutritional and Allergy Info

Staff Training Documents

Food and Shop Assessments

Performance Dashboards

Publish to your website via API

Push Notifications and Alerts