The Bill’s story started with a little green grocery shop in Lewes, East Sussex. After the business flooded in 2000, Bill’s reopened as a café and has since grown to a phenomenal 70 Restaurants all across the country. With an emphasis on great food served in a welcoming atmosphere, Bill’s has established itself as a successful player in the UK’s casual dining sector and a fixture on Britain’s high streets.
Given the growing number of Restaurants and their extensive food and drink offer, Bill’s needed an efficient way of managing files. In order to keep everything running smoothly and facilitate further growth, essential documents have to be readily available to those who need them. This means they have to be sensibly organised, easily found and up to date. Platopus Retail offered the solution.

Bill’s were looking for a simple way to store and distribute the files, documents and pictures that are vital to the running of each of their Restaurants. They had tried off-the-shelf cloud storage solutions and found them not quite fit for purpose. These solutions proved to be frustrating to maintain, difficult to control access to and worrying in terms of security. Circulating business essential files by email often led to confusion and outdated information continued to be spread across the business. Files and documents were difficult to find and never in the hands of the person who needed them.

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Platopus Retail’s files functionality allows Bill’s to structure their files in a way that makes sense. It sounds simple, because it is. Folders can be created directly in the app and files relating to particular restaurants are stored exactly where you would expect to find them, as are product and people related files. This structure is easily maintained and every time a new restaurant opens, the correct folders are created automatically. It organises important information to reflect the structure of the business and workflow. Security concerns are covered as Platopus Retail is accessible only to those members of staff who need to have this information at hand – and access is removed as soon as an employee leaves.


  1. Efficiency – By using the files functionality in Platopus Retail, Bill’s were able to turn away from generic file storage solutions towards something more tailored to their needs, which has saved on time and administrative effort. 
  2. Improved structure – Maintaining a perfect, clutter-free file structure has become easy – automatic de-duplication means that identical files which exist in different folders are updated at the same time, while a complete file history is kept to make sure that previous versions are not lost.
  3. Improved security – Access to the Platopus Retail system is based on up-to-date HR data in conjunction with existing company email accounts. Permissions and restrictions within the system are based on job title and are adjusted automatically as soon as changes occur. When an employee leaves, their access to Platopus Retail is immediately withdrawn. 
  4. Instant availability – All members of the Bill’s team who have access to Platopus Retail can instantly look at any files that are made available to them, be it health and safety instructions, licensing information, financial reports or floor plans.